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A Three Day Medical Camp at Khokana in Karyavinayak Municipality, Lalitpur

14th February 2016

The Small Earth Nepal (SEN) and Gwangju Eungwang Gyohui, South Korea organized a-three-day medical camp at Khokana in Karyavinayak Municipality, Lalitpur on February 6, 7 and 8. The organizers collaborated with Shuses Nepal, a local partner at Khokana Lalitpur, Ganesh Man Singh Memorial Hospital, Lalitpur and Ward office of Khokana Municipality for the effective camping and for the better reach out among the needy people. The medical team from South Korea, led by Pastor Mr Jeon Wonho, included seven doctors (eye specialists, dentists, physiotherapist, optician, analgesic and general physician and paediatrician), five nurses, five pharmacists, three physiotherapists, and six volunteers.

A medical team, including a physician, a nurse and a pharmacist from Ganesh Man Singh Memorial Hospital also provided their extensive medical service throughout the camping.

The camp was held in the ward office of Khokana and at its premises with the fully medical gadgets which were brought by the medical team itself. The camp included the free medical check-ups, counselling, distribution of prescribed medicines and the power glasses. The medical team provided their service through an extensive check-up to the patients suffering from eye problem, dental problem, sugar and cholesterol, muscle and joint pain, piles and blood pressure and many other health problem.

During the camp, the more than a dozen interpreters facilitated the service by translating Nepali lLanguage into Korea and vice versa.

A total number of nearly one thousand patients which included mostly senior citizens and about three hundred school children were provided a full medical service.

At the end of the camp, the medical team from South Korea were honoured by SEN and Shuses Nepal and expressed the need of similar camps in future also.