• SEN Organized the Bhutanese Engineers' Study Visit on Flood Mitigation Measures in Nepal

    A team of nine engineers and officials from Bhutan made a successful study visit on flood mitigation measures in Nepal on December 11 to 18, 2014. The visit was jointly organized by Department of Engineering Services, Ministry of Works and Human Settlement, Royal Government of Bhutan, The Small Earth Nepal (SEN) and Department of Water Induced Disaster Prevention (DWIDP), Government of Nepal. The purpose of the visit was to learn the different techniques and methods adopted by Nepalese engineers in coping and mitigating floods.. read more>>>

  • Training on Rainwater Harvesting for Coastal Countries’ Livelihood
    2-6 November 2014

    The Small Earth Nepal and SAARC Coastal Zone Management Center (SCZMC), Malé, Republic of Maldives, successfully conducted a training program entitled ‘Training on Rainwater Harvesting for Coastal Countries’ Livelihood’ on 2-6 November, 2014 in Hotel View Bhrikuti, Godavari, Lalitpur. The training program was focused on mid-level technicians from South Asian countries to enhance their knowledge on rainwater harvesting. The five-day training program included meteorology.....read more>>>

  • Training to livestock smallholders in fodder and livestock management
    September-October 2014

    Community level training on livestock management was organized in three districts (Dhading (mountain), Syangja (Midhill) and Kapilvastu (Terai)) according to results from our extensive study on training needs which was carried out among the smallholder livestock farmers on the Gandaki river basin in Nepal. We found that farmers adopt traditional way of animal husbandry and are less aware of the current impacts of climate change and its challenges on livestock farming.....read more>>

  • Field demonstration of bucket drip irrigation in Gandaki river basin
    16 June 2014

    The team led by Dr. Ajay Jha from Colorado State University (CSU) demonstrated efficient irrigation using small bucket drip systems to smallholder farmers in the three project districts of Kapilvastu, Syangja and Dhading. More than 80 farmers eagerly learned how the drip kit works and its application to small scale nutritional food gardens and feed production. Twenty five bucket drip kits were provided to the farmers in different villages to demonstrate on their own farms....read more>>

  • The Small Earth Nepal (SEN) celebrated World Environment Day 2014 with school students
    5 June 2014

    The Small Earth Nepal (SEN) celebrated World Environment Day (WED) 2014 with the school students of Ishwori Lower Secondary School, government school, located at Chilaune village of Sundrijal Village Development Committee (VDC).  The program was focused on raising awareness among the students and teachers of the school about the various environmental issues such as climate change, solid waste management and importance of ...read more>>

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