Together We Stand for Sustainable Lifestyles


The key objective of The Small Earth Nepal (SEN) is to promote sustainable lifestyles through education and promotion of activities that reduce adverse impacts on the environment. SEN especially aims to motivate youth and students by organizing varieties of programs to motivate them through its Students-Teachers-Scientists (STS) network.


“Working towards sustainable lifestyles that make daily routines healthier for individuals and friendlier to the environment.”

Core Principles

• People and the Environment, Our First Priority: Every activity of SEN should be oriented towards both people and the environment. Recognizing the realities of human-environment interactions, SEN designs its activities in such a way that both the needs of people and the health of the environment are balanced, with neither begin overstrained by considerations of the other.
• Working in Partnership: SEN creates its programs in collaboration with groups of stakeholders forming environmental coalitions with affected peoples who are often motivated to tackle local issues but might not have had the capacity to do so with their own effort .Through such collaborations, local stakeholders often develop the capacity to solve the problems in the long term.
• A Concern for Future Generations: SEN was founded on principles of sustainability. It makes every effort to operate on the Future Generation’s principle which considers their needs in making decisions for the present.

Activities carried out by SEN are as follows:

• Awareness Efforts: SEN has been promoting sustainable lifestyles through different campaigns and programs to create awareness on people to minimize their impacts on the earth.
• Capacity Building: SEN helps to build up capacity of students and community people through different activities like trainings, workshops, conferences etc.
• Researches: SEN has strategically focused on research activities on different aspects of environment and livelihood such as natural resource, climate change, and water qualities etc.
• Publications: Through the publication of different materials, SEN helps to inform and educate people on a wide range of issues related to environment and sustainable livelihood.