Together We Stand for Sustainable Lifestyles

SEN in Sustainable Rebuilding Nepal after Earthquake

As a humanitarian response to the massive earthquake that occured on 25th April 2015 with ...

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Training on Rainwater Harvesting for Coastal Countries’ Livelihood

The Small Earth Nepal and SAARC Coastal Zone Management Center (SCZMC), Malé, Republic of Maldives, ...

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Field demonstration of bucket drip irrigation in Gandaki river basin

A team led by Dr Ajay Jha from Colorado State University (CSU) demonstrated efficient irrigation ...

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Nepal National Water Week-2014 celebrated across the country with various programs

The Small Earth Nepal (SEN) organized 6th Nepal National Water Week (NNWW), commemorating World Water ...

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Constituent Assembly (CA) Members Interact with Water Experts on Water and Energy Nexus

As a part of the Celebration of Nepal National Water Week, The Small Earth Nepal, ...

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Featured Projects

Adaptation for Climate Change by Livestock Smallholders in Gandaki River Basin

The Small Earth Nepal (SEN) is undertaking a 3 years research project entitled "Adaptation for Climate Change by Livestock Smallholders ...


Runoff Scenario and Water Based Adaptation Strategy in South Asia

The project aims to understand the climate and changing climate of the region with particular focus on water resources and ...


An Assessment of Economic Loss due to the 2013 Flood of Mahakali River in relation to Climate Change

Project Background: An overview of data trend from 1983 to 2000 (18 years), and from 2001 to 2013 (13 years) ...