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SEN Supports a Community School

11th September 2015

As the organization’s response to providing supports to the disaster affected communities, The Small Earth Nepal (SEN) helped Shree Bhimsen Primary School in Nawalpur, one of the community schools in the earthquake hit zones, by constructing a toilet and also by providing a complete set of school uniform to all the 102 students of that school. Situated in Nawalpur Village Development Committee, in Sindhupalchowk district at the height of 1300 meters, this school was severely affected by the recent earthquakes with most of its buildings including toilets totally damaged.
In the program, SEN team observed the newly constructed toilet which was heavily fortified to bear the similar earthquakes in future. The team members also handed over the school uniforms to the students of different grades, from class one to five.
The school Principal, Mr. Radhakrishna Shrestha, honoured the team members and expressed similar support in future to completely revive the school and to run its educational programs smoothly.
The earthquakes also damaged the water supply pipes causing acute water problem which is partly managed by fetching water from nearby source.
Currently, the school is running its classes in temporary learning Centre (TLC) with some classes combined in a single room and with two makeshift toilets.
About 102 students, most of whom were from ethnic communities of Tamang, Newar, and dalits from around the school, are studying under five teachers.